Transforming Niagara with Worship

We are excited about Niagara NOW 2019. God has directed our steps somewhat differently than in the past two years. Like Joshua, we are moving through the region and taking the land. In Joshua 1:3, God told Joshua that everywhere they placed the soles of their feet, He would give them the land. What an exciting promise to go after.

While that is not quite the same promise we have been given, that is in essence what we are doing this year. The Niagara NOW team have felt that we are to visit each city with a quarterly Tabernacle of David Worship & Prayer evening. We are coming to each city to worship and to pray on behalf of the region and particularly the city they are in each month.

It is contending for Niagara one city at a time.

As we come together to worship and pray, God enthrones Himself on the praise offered. When this happens we are opening up the gates for the Kingdom Glory to come in. Our worship and prayer opens the gates and also transforms the atmosphere over the cities making it much more possible to see the Kingdom of God come to earth as it is in Heaven.

Join us at all or any of the quarterly Tabernacle worship and prayer events. The schedule is posted below for you to know exactly where to go each month.


Tabernacle of David Worship & Prayer
6:00 pm at all locations



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